Interior Paint Colors At Home Depot

For people who live in regions where the temperature rarely gets below 50 degrees F., it is easy to bring the outdoors inside. You and your guests can relax with a mint julep while enjoying the botanical delights of your own tropical heaven, both inside and out.

But even if you don't spend your year in the semi-tropic regions, you can still bring a touch of paradise into your home.

With their bright colors and uniquely shaped blossoms and leaves, tropical plants have a lush and elegant look to them. Here are some tips to create the most relaxing living room in your neighborhood:

* When setting up a tropical garden inside, make sure that it gets a lot of sun and the plants stay well watered. You should also consider spritzing the plants lightly with water every few days to mimic the humid environment they would get in their native habitat.

* Buy a selection of tropical plants from the gardening sections of any plant provider, such as Home Depot. If your budget is small, add a couple of plants with bright colors and fun forms, even if they are not truly tropical varieties.

* Buy some pots and add bougainvillea and hibiscus to bring a touch of the Caribbean to your home.

* In the corners of the room that receive less sun, add pots of fern, ivy or elephant ears.

* Dutch amaryllis, originally from Africa, will add color to your tropical retreat with large pink or red blossoms.

* Add a touch of romance with the Mexican Love Vine. Its rosy, trumpet-shaped flowers and glossy green leaves add an attractive touch to your indoor garden.

* Ornamental grasses can add nice textures to a small area. They also add color when the flowers aren't blooming.

Include the serenity of water:

Having an indoor waterfall, whether it is large or small, can significantly add to the tropical getaway feeling. Indoor waterfalls have the ability to enchant anyone with their gently flowing water sound, while adding a beautiful and pleasing atmosphere to any area.

Options from a tabletop model to a floor-to-ceiling room divider wall of water are available for the asking, depending on your budget, of course.

Negative ions add the feel-good factor:

The negative ions produced by an indoor water fountain have been shown to have a dramatic effect on energy levels and mood. Just like the calm experienced by sitting on a beach listening to the pounding surf, or watching a fast moving river, the negative ions in the air can relax you. There are even some studies that have shown negative ions may be an effective treatment for depression.

Negative ions also bond with impurities in the atmosphere like pollen and dust, causing them to settle harmlessly so they aren't polluting the air you breathe.

interior paint colors at home depot