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Pearl and Diamond Necklace: Epitome of Class and Refinement

Elizabeth taylor diamondElizabeth Taylor; Halle Berry; Christina Aguliera; Sharon Stone and Michelle Obama; what do these women all have in common? All of these women show classy taste in jewelry selections, and have been photographed or seen on the red carpet, wearing diamonds and pearls together. They all believe in the marriage of diamonds and pearls. The classic lines of snow white pearls with sparkling clear diamonds has evolved into the modern world with pairings of champagne pearls and chocolate diamonds or black Tahitian pearls with black diamonds. Black metals today can dramatize the pure colorless diamonds.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor Displaying Her Diamonds, Bought from Cartiers
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Diamond And Pearls Beauty

Stunning necklace

One of the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen. Of course there is a price tag on it, but a girl can dream right?
Diamond & Pearl 18k Yellow Gold Necklace

Diamond & Pearl 18k Yellow Gold Necklace

Give a gift that really shows you care with this stunning pearl and diamond necklace.

Absolutely Stunning Pearl And Diamond Jewelry

High End Pearl and Diamond Gifts

Whether women desire the vintage classic look of old glamour or prefer the newer looks that incorporate leaf and nature designs, pearls and diamonds will forever look well together. As the recording star Prince sang in his song, Diamonds and Pearls: "If I gave you diamonds and pearls, would you be a happy boy or girl?" The answer was a resounding "yes" for both sexes. Diamonds and pearls are not only found in women's rings, bracelets and necklaces, but can be found in masculine cufflinks.

I hand selected a few stunning pieces here. All are pretty expensive but a real threat to look at. I wish I could have one of these pearl and diamond jewelry piece, and I am sure you wish too. You might want to casually leave the monitor open on this page so the man of your life get the message...who knows!

Diamond and South Sea Pearl 18k White Gold Bracelet

Diamond and South Sea Pearl 18k White Gold Bracelet

The perfect white bracelet. 11.46 carats of white diamonds and 16 white South Sea pearls set in white gold. Refinement at its best. Would make an exceptional wedding anniversary gift.

Mizuki 14k South Sea Pearl Necklace with Black Rough Diamond Fringe, 26"

Retro, classic necklace with an edge. This stunning designer piece features a 14mm black south sea pearl and black diamonds.

Diamonds & Pearls: Dolce & Gabbana

20 years of Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls: Dolce & Gabbana (Bel Vedere Fotographia S.)

by Massimo Ammaniti

Dolce & Gabanna honored the marriage of diamonds and pearls for two decades with a special book of photographs showcasing the luxury, pleasure and seduction of the jewel combinations. Also entitled "Diamonds and Pearls," it showcased photographs by the famous photographer Guenter Parth. Today, twenty years later, both real and imitation gems are found in fashion as well as jewelry; bridal gown, prom dresses, and even jeans.

What Are Black Diamonds

Information on black diamonds

Until relatively recently black diamonds were't much sought after. Indeed, they were mainly just to make diamond cutting tools because it was thought no one would want to buy them, after all, black diamonds don't sparkle! A tiny spark of interest for Carbonado or black diamond emerged during the Art Deco period when black and white jewelry was much sought after. However, it could not compete with the popularity of black onyx and black opals. In recent years though it has become much more popular,possibly due to intensive marketing, but also because fashion is always changing.

Most black diamonds come from Brazil - they are also found in the Congo but the best dealers shy away from them because so many are conflict diamonds mined, stolen, bartered and used to get money for arms and war.

One constant question about black diamonds is whether they are real or not. Totally black diamonds are rare, often they will be a smoky grey. Some have been created by radiating clear or white diamonds which makes them turn black. If this is important to you as a buyer, just ask if they are completely natural when you are buying.

Buy Black Diamond Jewelry

Gifts of timeless elegance

Black diamonds make stylish and elegant pieces of jewelry that every woman wants. They are precious gifts for yourself or someone you love. Invest in the timeless beauty these black diamonds represent, you won't regret it.
Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Set 14k White Gold

Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Set 14k White Gold

This beautiful matching set of engagement ring and wedding ring carry natural black diamonds set in white gold. Sure to become a much loved family heirloom.

Black and White Jewelry: Unique Black and White Diamond Gift Ideas

Make a statement with one of these fine pieces of black and white jewelry

Black and white jewelry offers understated sophistication and elegance that any woman would delight in wearing and it has never been so fashionable as now.
10K White Gold 1/2 ct. Black and White Diamond Earrings

10K White Gold 1/2 ct. Black and White Diamond Earrings

These stylish earrings are sure to cause a stir. The design is of intricately entwined diamonds with a white gold setting. Black and white jewels always look timelessly elegant and these are no exception.

10k White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Pendant (1/3 cttw)

10k White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Pendant (1/3 cttw)

This pendant carries 0.3 carats of black diamonds intertwined with white diamonds set in white gold. Beautiful drop earring match this pretty pendant and is available here: 10k White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Earrings (1/3 cttw). The design forms an infinity symbol, symbolic of eternal love.

2.75ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k White Gold

2.75ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k White Gold

Say "I love you" with this sophisticated, yet classic black diamond ring. This stunning ring carries a big princess cut black diamond of exceptional clarity and has a gem weight of 2.75 carats. The black diamond is accented with small white diamonds and the setting is 18k white gold. This precious ring is sure draw attention to the wearer. Ideal as an engagement or dress ring.

Exceptional Vintage Diamond Jewelry For The Connaisseur

One of a kind estate diamond gifts

Amazing vintage diamond gifts, gorgeous, unique, rare and expensive.

Estate 5.25cts Sunburst 18k Gold Diamond Pendant

Stunning vintage pendant. Valued at 53,500.00 by professional appraisal. Has one big half-moon diamond in center, surrounded by 55 round cut diamonds. This is truly an exceptional piece.

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