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In the ever shifting and fast pace demands of the modern era, it seems multi-function is all the rage these days. And unlike some things where you actually need a considerable amount of time to ponder on, this one only takes a few minutes and a quick inventory of your surroundings to be able to actually arrive at the conclusion. In fact, you dont even have to leave the house to land on a few good examples.

Just think about it: your mobile phone does a lot more than let you make calls and send messages; it also allows you to take pictures; helps sort out your schedule; plays a list of your favorite songs; and even has a number of recent online games available in the market. Another example is your good old dining table. Of course its mostly used for family meals, but at the end of the month dont you also use it as your workstation to balance accounts and sort out your regular expenditures? The trusty table also serves as your childrens study area, especially when you want to keep an eye on your little darlings to make sure they do their homework on time.

You can easily come up with many more items to add to this list, and its good to know that your handy pen is no exception to that. Of course you need it to write that goes without saying. But there are also models that double as a simple calculator, or even those that have flashlights and cameras built in them. Now, if you want something very sensible, why not opt to look for a pen with umbrella online? With the weather being as erratic and unpredictable as it is, finding quality umbrella pen wholesale in the Internet can easily prove to be a practical idea.

Imagine this: you wont actually have to find yourself out in the rain yet again. If youre the type of person who tends to leave her umbrella behind simply because it happens to be sunny when you looked out your bedroom window, perhaps getting unique umbrella designs and managing to snatch a unique pen for sale will help you keep the item in your bag, or at least stashed in your car just in case.

And of course, its an added bonus that the umbrella also happens to be a pen. It doesnt hurt, after all, to have one handy just in case you want to jot down something, no matter where you happen to be. You may be clocking in extra hours at the office in the past few months, but you cant be in front of your work desk within easy access of all your pens and pencils all the time, can you? It helps to know you can easily find a pen within reach even if, say, youre out for a walk, or youre in an outdoor cafe table.

Take the time to scroll through available designs in the Internet; youre bound to find something that will help you stay out of the rain and scribble offhand items at the same time.

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