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Religious festivals, which are an integral part of the Indians, are celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm in the Indian subcontinent. Whether it is Holi, Diwali or Eid, each and every festival that is celebrated all over India witness participation of people from different communities. Janmashtami is one such principal festival of the Hindus that is celebrated across India with much zeal and gusto. This festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna, considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is one of the three Gods of Hindu Trinity. Lord Krishna, who was born on the 8th day of 'Krishnapakkha' or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of 'Shravana', is the son of King Vasudeva and Devaki Devi. According to the Gregorian calendar, the day of Janmashtami falls in the month of July or August. In the year 2011, Janmashtami will be celebrated on 22nd August. From fasting to merry making, exchanging gifts and more make this festival more special. So, if you want to send gifts to India on Janmashtami, you can take the assistance of

Being one of the most principal festivals of the Indians, the celebration of Janmashtami continues for two days. Since Janmashtami is one of the ancient festivals of the country, many stories and several legends are associated with this festival. A favorite God of the Hindus, Lord Krishna is personified in different ways that include a friend, lover, guide and even child by his ardent devotees. Mostly celebrated in the temples which are dedicated to Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is also celebrated in several households across the nation. The principal events that make up the festival include fasting, chanting names, performing dramas of Lord Krishna, singing devotional songs in praise of him and offering sweets. Offering sweets hold special significance as it is believed that Lord Krishna loved gorging on sweets and other dairy products. This means that on this lively festival, you can send Janmashtami gifts to India in form of sweets with the help of, which helps to send gift to India from US and also from other various countries. is a prominent online gifting portal that has been helping the NRIs to send gifts to India on various festivals and occasions. If you are staying outside the country, you can opt for our site in order to send gifts back in India to your loved ones. If you cannot take part in this year's Janmashtami puja in India, you can always send gifts to your family and friends. In this online gifting store, there is a different section which displays gifts only for this special festival. The Janmashtami gifts in our website range from hampers, idols, sweets, puja accessories and wall hangings.

As mentioned above, sweets are an integral part of this festival, you can send sweets to India by choosing from our mouthwatering stock. In our site, you can avail different varieties of sweets which often come teamed up with chocolates and other food items. Since it is the festival of Lord Krishna you can send idols and also wall hangings depicting the God. Puja accessories are must for all the festivals, so for Janmashtami, choose from the different puja accessories stocked in our site and send to your family back in India. Other than these, it will be apt for your to send hampers as Janmashtami gifts to India. The hampers for this festival comes with sweets and dry fruits, sweets and wafers and sweets and flowers. Though you can be miles away, you can make your presence felt on this grand festival by sending gifts with the help of our site.

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