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Bank business hall inside, see out the number of customer more cash, a man with a toy gun followed, while depositors unprepared, taking cash 60000 yuan. Yesterday, putian HanJiang public security bureau shall decide on whether to of a criminal suspect arrested there a request baby toys wholesale.

November 7, at about 14, a hospital HanJiang female employees and two people to HanJiang huang area west street before discrimination LuMou contain the bank withdrawals, be a gunman take more than 60000 dollars in cash. Immediately after the crime, HanJiang police investigators quickly as established on criminal detection work, vice mayor, public security bureau chief LuBingChun promptly instruction: HanJiang branches must solve crimes as soon as possible, to catch the criminal suspect.

As soldiers and three points, all the way to the exploration site, all the way around the head SheKa block and implement carpet search, all the way in the scene to related person on the interview. At the same time, of all around the police probe check through monitoring, the analysis judgment criminal suspects may escape route and hideout. November 20, police bureau in relevant departments as support, the criminal suspect may determine the xiuyu district in stone was around the town activities, November 25,, after a few days and nights waiting, as police xiuyu district in stone town will suspect was there a arrested.

According to one account there, November 7, at about 14, he carry a toy pistol, ducked HanJiang city LuMou bank before discrimination business hall. At this time, the bank within the business hall in the counter and huang take cash, if the amount is relatively large. There is a certain will quietly close to huang, while it unprepared, taking cash 60000 yuan. When found someone to come back, they took out of carrying toy gun threat. Upon further review, there is still a crime to take similar techniques, October 15,, in xiuyu district stone town was a bank business hall with crime, robbed a old man 000 cash.
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painting official website putian