Painter Labor Rates

Labor charges can be one of the major costs in getting your car repaired. Why? This is so because labor is expensive. The longer it takes to diagnose and repair or replace a component, the higher the bill.


The larger the dealership the more costly it will be as these companies tend to have more overhead expenses. A large car dealership can run up to US 0 for an hourly labor rate. A new car dealership can charge an hourly labor rate between US-60 while if it is an independent repair garages then one can look to be charged about US to per hour for labor. The main way to save money on labor is to call around and compare hourly labor rate. Labor rates are usually calculated in two ways flat time and straight time.

Flat Time

Primarily, the labor charged is usually based on a standard flat rate estimate. This is derived from manufacturers and independent publishers conducting studies on various repair jobs on various vehicles and establishing a flat rate. It is then published and used by car dealers and repair shops to make an estimate. To lessen the possibility of being cheated, it is advisable to purchase a flat rate manual of your own.
Straight Time
This is time on the clock. All repair shops use straight time for operations not listed in the flat rate manuals, for example, electrical diagnosis.
Parts make up another significant cost of getting a vehicle repaired. Lack of accessibility for a particular part, because the model of the vehicle is old, will result in higher charges. Car parts that usually carry a hefty price tag include engines, transmission, computers, fuel injectors and catalytic converters. Apart from these parts there are many other fees that are calculated in the final bill. These may include shop supplies and hazardous materials. In order to try and minimize the likelihood of getting an unfair price, here a few tips that can be used as a guide.

Where to go
Find places that are properly certified. Ensure they have accredited technicians and look for all the certifications on the wall to verify this. Finally, go with your instinct, if the place does not feel right then it probably is not.

Proper Diagnosis
If something is wrong with the car, get an accurate diagnosis of the problem, a complete description of what parts needs to be replaced, a reasonably accurate estimate of the repairs cost, and an estimate of the time it will take. If any additional work should be done, you are to be informed beforehand and an explanation provided.

With all these taken into consideration the possibility of being charged unnecessary fees are dramatically reduced. Remember if anything on the final bill does not add up ask questions.

painter labor rates