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With the cooperation and compliance of daring brides, Banff wedding photographers are stretching their photojournalism capabilities while simultaneously creating art. In a quickly growing new craze known as "Trash the Dress," or TTD, wedding photographers take post-wedding pictures in non-traditional settings, creating uniquely memorable entries into wedding albums and photo contests everywhere.

Many professional wedding photographers are now offering both traditional and TTD sessions, the latter of which have been taken in some exciting settings. Couples participate in their most loved activities while dressed in their wedding finery and the resulting photos are both surprising and beautiful. A bride sporting her wedding dress under water looks like an ethereal mermaid, while another in a strobe-lighted cave is framed by flying bats and appears as a lovely enchantress. Whimsically coupling climbing boots with a flowing white dress and tramping through the forest with her new husband is another favorite way for a bride to join the Trash The Dress brigade and to add a delightful twist to her wedding album.

Trash The Dress photo sessions typically happen the day after the wedding, once the strain of the special day has melted away and the couple is looking for a fun way to begin their new life together. If you prefer, you can book your session for a couple weeks following the marriage ceremony, upon your return from the honeymoon. This strategy reduces pressure and allows for more time to visit different settings and to try more innovative twists on Trash The Dress photography.

You may well question what becomes of the dress after the Trash. Well, if it isn't irrevocably tarnished or torn, it can probably be returned to its immaculate condition by a good dry cleaner. However, if it has been soaked in wine or chocolate, or burnt by a campfire, it will become a treasured relic of an unforgettable occasion and just as valuable as the basis for family legend.

Trash The Dress sessions can be as elaborately staged as the wedding itself, with the help of story lines and props. They can reproduce historic occasions or become period pieces complete with costumes from their era of choice. From caveman animal hides to futuristic space suits, costumes and photographs are limited only by a couple's imagination and pursuits. Edmonton wedding photographers who have participated in TTD photo shoots can show an interested couple their portfolios and perhaps help them decide when and how to indulge in this latest and most exhilarating photo-op.

A TTD session is guaranteed to keep any wedding album from becoming the stale assortment of posed participants our foremothers bored us with. Rather, it can be a real record of "the way we were," a photographic narrative that children and grandchildren will be fascinated to see and hear about. With the help of one of the trend-setting wedding photographers in your town, your dress trashing pictures can become some of the most interesting photos in the family.

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