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Today came another free add-on for the multiplayer game EVE Online called Dominion.

The focus of the Dominion (for 12-meter free add-on) on developments in the mechanics of capture systems and sectors, as well as increasing the capacity of corporations that control the system. There are, of course, and other changes, including in terms of graphics - EVE Online is once again beautiful. Full list of changes can be found on the official site in the beautiful or expanded form.

The future plans of CCP - the creation of social networks New Eden and the long-awaited opportunity to travel outside the spacecraft and the integration of EVE Online with the new IMO Dust 514.

By the way, today in Iceland, where the company is based CCP, celebrates the Day of Independence - our congratulations to the country, which gave the world and EVE Online!

EVE Online: Brand new HD trailer for Pax 2010 Causality and raffle

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EVE Online (Source: CCP Games) EVE Online (Source: CCP Games) A few minutes ago was the message online, and already you can find them here: CCP Games has published for its success, Sci-Fic sandbox MMO EVE Online a brand new trailer . Under the title "Causality", which you can see more below, will once again address the question how can a player have any effect on the almost unbelievably large world.

In addition, slight hints of the most hotly anticipated features of a next-ons can be seen: "Walking on station," meaning the opportunity to leave the first time with his avatar his spaceship, and to meet with other players in the thousands of space stations, own to open shops and bars, or to lose half his fortune at poker. The trailer ends, moreover, to explain to how a player can succeed in EVE Online to exempt an entire alliance of hundreds of players and to bring down ... thats EVE (watch in HD!)

Incidentally, on you can win some exciting prizes!

artist name search eve