Kandinsky Paintings Two Sides

If your home has only a limited number of windows, you can make the space feel larger and airier by using faux windows. These creative solutions will give your home the appearance of several windows even if you're in a cramped apartment with neighbors on all sides. There are two major options for imitation windows. The first is a piece of artwork that mimics the appearance of a window, complete with a beautiful scene outside. The second is a window mirror. Window mirrors combine a painted window with an underlying mirror, offering a reflection as the view seen when you look through the panes

Faux windows that are a complete work of art offer a detailed scene outside the window. You can find window art that looks out on a wide variety of scenes. You can give your home a view of the beach, a lake, mountains, meadows, or vineyards. Your faux window can even offer you a view from abroad, as with the "Breakfast in France," "The English Countryside," and "A Tuscan Feel" windows. These engaging pieces of artwork include not only the view outside the window, but details of the window frame as well, such as knick knacks or flowers on the sill and curtains above the pane.

Window mirrors give faux windows an intriguing twist. The frame of the window is painted. This includes a variety of details, such as the striped valance and bucket of seashells seen in the "Seashells" window mirror, or the cup of coffee, rose, and folded newspaper in the "Juliet" window mirror. Though the view outside the window is only a reflection, this lovely framing technique makes this a stunning piece of artwork in and of itself. You can choose from several different window mirrors to give your home the right look, whether you're going for rustic or elegant.

Once you've selected faux windows, you'll need to consider placement. Hanging your window mirror in the right spot is essential for creating the most engaging effect. A fully painted faux window will look best in an area where there are no other windows, such as a bathroom. If you have a small breakfast nook without a view, a window above the table will give you an imaginative vista to gaze at while you enjoy your morning coffee. Window mirrors are more versatile. These will look best when placed directly across from a real window. The faux window will reflect the outdoor view and make the home much brighter.

kandinsky paintings two sides