Painted Glass In Church

From chapels to large sanctuaries and cathedrals, church decoration is an important element in the overall feel of the church's interior. There are many essential components that will contribute to a church that captures the parishioner's attention and creates an atmosphere that is inviting but also encompasses the divinity that is necessary to worship, sing and be one with the Lord.

The three basic elements of church design include hand painted murals, interior color selection and stained glass services. With these three basic components in place, any church renovation committee or administrator will have their church well on its way to becoming a house of beauty and inspiration.

The Three Basic Elements of Church Design

1. Hand Painted Murals

Murals depict the spiritual and cultural lives of biblical times. They are beautiful, awe-inspiring and help to tell a story, teach lessons and provide an unmatched beauty that creates a stunning effect.

Some of these hand painted murals show Jesus showing love, forgiveness and offering help to those who require assistance, when no one else had come to their aid. Other murals show modern day parishioners that life wasn't easy and that finding success or fulfillment is a daily struggle that combines hard work, sacrifice and devotion.

There are artists that specialize in painting murals for churches. The renovation committee can decide on the scene that they would like to depict, and if the artists have not already completed similar work for another church, they can sketch a draft for the administrator's consideration.

2. Interior Design and Color Selection

One of the main components of a church's interior design is color selection. An artist, with an eye for complimentary color schemes and a specialty in church design, will have the creativity and experience to select colors that are strong, welcoming and friendly. Some other interior design services include:

Platform redesigns
Custom stone flooring
Fabrics and color coordinated carpet
Historical restorations
Custom statuary
Contemporary renovations

Every project includes a proposal that is submitted for approval and offers different design options. A service that specializes in church decoration works with committees and administrators until the art and dcor is exactly as they envisioned the final result.

3. Stained Glass Services

Out of all church dcor and decoration, stained glass stands out amongst the most popular. There are many types of stained glass including opalescent, Cathedral, hand-stained, hand-stained pictorial and faceted. In addition to stained glass services, restoration can also be the solution to stained glass art that is showing signs of age or damage.

The three main components of church design include hand painted murals, color selection and stained glass. There are other services and trades that can be coordinated, to make the most improvements throughout the church, on any modest budget.

painted glass in church