Artist Vs Poet Miserably Loving You

Your biggest block as a cash gifting mentor? Quitting. Stopping. Ignoring a proven, step by step system. Throwing in the towel. It was mine.

I know. Impatience. Anger. Despair. All emotions arise if you work a system for a sustained period. You want things to move more quickly. We all do.

But negative emotions are the enemy of a proven system. You stop doing what's working - or what will work - and simply give up.

Home business pros know better. Making money online is the result of following simple steps daily. Not giving up. Not making excuses. Persisting.

Persist like an SOB. Making money online becomes easier if you persist. Day after day. What is hard, becomes really easy. Money flows to you with ease. You become a master of your craft because you persisted.

Cash Gifting Failure


Find the reason why you want to prosper with cash gifting. Hold the reason dear. Through it all.

The emotion breeds persistence. Hold your driver. Hold your inspirational force. Freedom. Time with the family. Buying your dream car. Whatever.

Systems Work People Fail

Gotta buy into a system 1000%. Systems work, people fail. If you fail, you fail. You gave up. The system is flawless, really. Systems work.

Create value, become valuable. Make strong connections with leaders in the home business niche.

Follow these steps daily. Do not stop. Add value. Make connections. Use your "Why" as your infinite driver. Hold it, in the face of obstacles. Your Why never fails you, ever.

Home business heads stick to proven systems. Step by step. Day in and day out. No taking days off. No deviating from the system. Stick to the basics. Prosper mightily.

No Excuses

Catch yourself. Making excuses? No. Stop making excuses. Start seeing opportunities. Tune into possibilities. Tune into what you are capable of. Tune into your limitless power. Tune into infinite possibilities. Concentrate on the idea of crushing any obstacle on the horizon.

Winners see no failure. Winners see opportunity in each moment. Take the success from each moment. Grow success. Plant seeds. Plant successes. See successes. Prosper.

Cash Gifting Success

Drive. Figure out why you want to prosper with gifting and move forward aggressively. Create value. Add value, become valuable. Make strong connections with leaders in your niche. Stick to the fundamentals.

Pass the cash gifting persistence test by doggedly sticking to the fundamentals day in and day out.

artist vs poet miserably loving you