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The Jonas Brothers are the most popular boy band around right now. They are well known for their sugary pop sound, teen ballads, tight pants and athletic demonstrations during their various concerts and performances. Following in the footsteps of The BackStreet Boys, N Sync and the like, in many ways "The Jo Bros" are much more like the Hanson or Osmond Brothers who were so hot several years ago.

The Jonas Brothers Band consists of three actual brothers - Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, oldest to youngest. The youngest Jonas brother (Frankie), often referred to as the "bonus Jonas", does not participate in the current act. This young trio has recently sold out many special appearances, including tickets of their concert shows, and they have graced the covers of teen magazines the world over, not to mention appearing on many of the top TV shows all over including "Saturday Night Live", "The Ellen Show" and many others.

It is interesting to note how different Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas fashion styles are from one another - even though they're brothers, they really enjoy displaying their individualism. But don't worry girls, tight pants are always a must with these guys. So let's take a few minutes to discuss each of the Jonas Brothers individually.

Nick Jonas is the youngest member of The Jonas Brothers band and often considered the most serious. Nick was the one who encouraged his other brothers to form a rock/pop act. Originally, Nick was active in musical theater. In the Jonas Brothers band, Nick assumes many roles. He also plays the guitar, piano and drums. He also composes lots of original music which the band performs. This multitalented young man also does some acting as well.

Nicks nickname by his brothers is "The President" because it is said he wants to run for President of the United States when he is older. On a more serious note, Nick also suffers from Type I diabetes. Since the brothers lead a very active lifestyle, Nick has made it a point to watch what he eats and he also exercises regularly. The Jonas family has also formed a foundation to help find a cure for diabetes. Often when he performs at concerts, he talks about the disease.

The oldest member in the Jonas Brothers band is Kevin Jonas, also known as K2. At 22 years old now, it was Kevin Jonas who was chosen by the People Magazine as one of "the sexiest men alive" of the brothers - not Joe or Nick. Kevin Jonas, a devoted Christian Evangelist like the rest of his family, also wears a purity ring, like his brothers, Joe and Nick. He's been wearing it since he was around sixteen years old. This ring symbolizes the fact that he will not have sex until he gets married. Of the three Jonas Brothers, Kevin is often considered the most romantic because of the way he treats and respects women.

The third member of the Jonas Brothers band, Joe, did not dream of becoming a singer - he originally wanted to be a comedian. Considered by many fans to be the handsomest one in the band, Joe is well known for his sense of humor and fondness for pulling pranks. As the front man of the Jonas Brothers band with the long straight tresses, Joe Jonas frequently showcases his multiple talents. He also plays the tambourine, guitar and keyboards for the group. Of the three Jo Bros, he is probably the best known for his romantic pursuits, and also for his famous breakups. He is also known as "DJ Danger".

So, now that you're acquainted with The Jonas Brothers you can go online and easily learn so much more about them. It is so easy to watch Jo Bros videos, visit fan sites, listen to their music and look at pictures of them all at so many places online - and anytime you like. So, with that in mind, I think I've got some more Jonas Brothers web surfing to do. Nick, Joe and Kevin, here I come.

jonas brothers posters joe