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Plain Well Known Jade Plant

Jade Plant

The dark green Jade Plant in the center is a good contrast to the white in the cactus and the blue in the silver jade. See the big trunk and white winter flowers?

Plain Well Known Jade Plant Succulent

Jade Plants A Succulent for Beginners

A Jade Plant Does Well in Pots and Yards

crassula ovata cuttings

Use a cutting of a jade plant for the kids as a first plant to grow. If you are in a freeze free climate it can be used as a landscape accent or put in a pot in a sunny outdoor spot.

If you live in the colder snowy climes the jade plant will happily be an indoor plant with plenty of direct sun. The first rule to remember is not to over water the plant.

These are three cuttings snapped off at a junction of the three jades in the yard. Let the ends dry up before putting in soil for new root growth.

Since the plant is tolerant of stress that is all you need to know about caring for a jade plant. If the first cutting does not survive that is a lesson too.

Three Types of Crassula ovata In My Yard

One Jade Plant is called the 'Gollum'

crassula ovate 'gollum'The 'gollum' jade plant I was familiar with as a kid, and back then it was called baby toes in our neighborhood. I never saw it in anything bigger than a four inch pot. It was all green and very cute. Now there are new cultivars that are crosses of the naturals of nature. The Crassula ovata 'gollum' is one of them. There is a 'hobbit' cultivar which looks like a 'gollum' that has not had sun all day, but the succulent loving community says it is a different plant. I am no expert.

Read a forum post about the issue here.

The trunk on my plant is thick, but all the branches can easily be snapped off. My goal is to keep it small but try to form it in to a pleasing shape like a bonsai.

Four Images of Crassula ovata 'gollum'

Taking Jade Plant Pictures with the Nikon P510

Nikon COOLPIX P510 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 42x Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and GPS Record Location (Red)

This is the camera used for the photos on this page. I am becoming more familiar with it every time I use it. For the closeups I selected the food setting and was able to choose the slight orange color range to get a close color match of the plant.

Later in the day when everything was in shade I selected the Dawn/Dust setting for the plant groupings. In the shade the colors really pop with this digital camera. Now I know why it is recommended to take flower pictures in the the morning or evening.

I spent two sessions of about 40 minutes each before the battery went dead. On vacation when I usually take pictures only here and there I turn it off and the battery lasts for a few days.

Crassula ovata 'compacta'

jade plant compacta

This is the jade plant with lots of red. Succulents with the hint of red are my favorites. The compacta has smaller leaves than the green version.

Silver Jade Plant

Silver Jade Succulent

silver Jade or Silver Dollar Plant

The Silver Jade plant also known as Blue Bird Jade and Silver Dollar plant is Not a Crassula ovata, but it is so like it I thought it was for a few years. It is a Crassula arborescens. For this page which is mostly about the jade plant images and photos I have lumped it into the jade plants.

I have cared for the silver jade just like the jade plant and they are planted next to each other on the slope garden. The silver jade has a mass planting of zebra succulent so it has been watered more frequently in the summer.

I love this succulent for its color. It is a light blue and in the sun all day each leaf is edged with red. The leaves are thick and hold lots of water. They have a very thin layer of a powder like covering that comes off when wiped or touched. I have not seen any of my Silver Jades bloom.

I imagine we will be seeing it more often in Southern California as gardeners become aware of it. It is more striking than the jade from a distance, and a beefy beauty close up.

Crassula arborscens

Start Succulent Cuttings for Everyone You Know

Succulents are Sometimes Called the Friendship Plant

Ha, all my neighbors that have succulents near the front walk are very friendly. They may not know it?

Jade Plant Cuttings

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