Ideas For Painting Unfinished Furniture

Dollhouse Unfinished Furniture

If you found building your own dollhouse to be a fulfilling and liberating experience, consider purchasing furniture kits or unfinished furniture. Unfinished furniture items are already assembled but can be decorated in any way you want; they are quite sturdy. If you want to assemble the furniture yourself, buy a furniture kit; completed items will appear as they do in the picture.

Kitchen Dollhouse Furniture

Within kitchen sets for dollhouses, there is a great assortment in terms of sizesome kits only include a couple pieces, while others have everything you could possibly think of You will definitely want to have a table and chairs in your kitchen if you are not planning to add a separate dining room to your dollhouse. There are a lot of great accessories, from cookingware to food, available for your dollhouse kitchen, so keep in mind that you will need enough space to show these items off

Victorian Dollhouse Furniture

Out of the many differing styles Victorian dollhouse furniture is by far the most popular. The Victorian era was classic in style and design, these pieces of furniture are pleasing to the eye, have rounding corners, and detailed design. A dollhouse filled with Victorian dollhouse furniture will be the envy of any hobbits and truly worth displaying on your own living room.

Living Room Dollhouse Furniture

Whether you have a two-room cabin or a 15-room mansion, a living room is a must for your dollhouse. There are more options for dollhouse living room furniture than perhaps any other room in your dollhouse, due to the variety of styles, fabrics patterns, and material types available. Examine as many living room sets as you canthis room will make a big difference in identifying the characteristics of your dollhouse

Mahogany for Dollhouse Furniture

When looking at wood material for dollhouse furniture mahogany is a great pick for its strength and scratch resistant nature. It not only is strong, mahogany has a very rich color that attracts the eye in any dollhouse ensemble. Because of the beauty of the pieces and the quality of the craftsmanship these mahogany pieces draw the eye and really add to the imagination in playing with the dollhouse. Perhaps mahogany is so sought after is due to the romantic feel, in fact most victorian dollhouse pieces are made from its wood

Poly-resin Material for Dollhouses

One of the newest materials to hit the miniature market is poly-resin. It is a durable material blend from polyester and resin that can be molded and shaped with precise detail. By using poly-resin with your dollhouse furniture you will get a very solid detail without having to worry about fabric or color fading.

Porcelain Dollhouse Furniture

When you see "made from porcelain" what do you think about? China, and with good reason because porcelain's primary discovery came from china in the early 600s. Ever since then porcelain has been the dominant material for most fancy dishes, pottery, and "china". It has also worked its way into dollhouse furniture beautifully. Bathroom sets and miniature accessories are commonly the best place for miniature porcelain sets.

ideas for painting unfinished furniture