Hand Painted Tiles For Bathroom

So you live in Reigate and you have decided that you want to give your bathroom an entirely new look. The bathroom is generally the most popular room in the home to find tiles. This due to the fact that tiles have better hygienic and waterproof qualities compared to carpets, wallpaper and most paints. In addition to this tiles also have the potential to add potential value to your bathroom and you also have access to some unique finishes that you wouldnt be able to achieve with other materials.

Bathrooms are a room in the house that need to be hygienic and this can be achieved by using tiles. Tiles have a fresh appearance and have easy wipe surfaces. If you are tiling in the shower area you will need to choose glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles as their moisture absorption rate is 0.5% which means they are pretty much waterproof. This will not be the case with materials like wallpaper and paint. If you decide on natural tiles for your bathroom you will need to ensure that they are sealed with the proper maintenance products before they are applied in your bathroom as this will prevent water damage and staining.

When you visit a shop for tiles Reigate they will advise you not to use large bathroom tiles in a small bathroom as this will significantly dwarf your bathroom. A shop for tiles Reigate should also advise that using small tiles in a bathroom may look good but using small tiles means a lot of grout lines which can be unappealing. It is for this reason that medium tiled are more commonly used in a bathroom.

Your tiles Reigate shop will be able to give you advice on the best tiles for your bathroom , for example, light coloured bathroom tiles can make small bathrooms look bigger as they reflect light better than a darker coloured tile. Using the same colour tiles on the floor as well as the walls can also give your bathroom a more spacious feel, you can also use grout that is the same colour as the tiles. If you have compact spacing between your toilet, washbasin and windows then smaller tiles are a good idea as the flow will be better and they will require less cuts than larger tiles.

When you have decided on the tile that you would like in your bathroom you will then need to speak to the staff at your Tiles Reigate shop as they will be able to give you an estimate on the amount of tiles you will need. They will also be able to advise you on colours, sizes and materials so you can complete your dream bathroom.

hand painted tiles for bathroom