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Featuring the anthropomorphic world of lions, the Lion King Show is Walt Disneys one such show that holds entertainment value for audiences of all genres. The musical made its appearance before audiences on screen in form of the 1994 movie with the same name. The piece has been influenced by the biblical tales of Joseph and Moses and by the Shakespeare plays Macbeth and Hamlet. It made its West End debut at the Lyceum Theatre London on 19th October 1999 and has been running there since from then.
The Lion King show London is the tale of lion cub Simba. The entire Pride Lands has assembled to rejoice his birth to king Mufasa and his beautiful wife Sairabi. But the news has not brought happiness in everyones life. His uncle Scar is mourning his birth because his chance of becoming the king has now turned bleak. Simba is gradually growing up to an inquisitive little cub and Mufasa is occupied teaching his sons the qualities of a king and warning him to stay away of the dangers and threats. One such point was shadowy lands bordering Pride Lands.
But Scar succeeded in winning the young cubs confidence and there he is attacked by the herd of Hyenas. The wicked uncle is busy hatching many such plots and one among them results in Mufasas death. He makes the cub guilty of his fathers unfortunate death and cleverly pushes him away from his kingdom. Scar failed to do justice to Pride Lands prosperity and the later has landed into misery. Destiny has saved Simba from the bitterness of time and the stalwart is back to avenge his fathers death and to take back every pinch of it that was once taken from him treacherously.
The enthralling tale of the Lion King reminds us the inevitable rule of nature that binds us all, the cycle of life that we are predestined to follow. The musical is running at the Lyceum Theatre London keeping jam-packed one of the majestic theatre venues of London night after night. One of the oldest theatres of London, Lyceum is located on the Wellington Street, in the City of Westminster, London.
The piece features Oscar winning score of the show that has been given by the legendry Sir Elton John and lyrics has been penned down by Tim Rice. It features songs like I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Be Prepared, Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.
Julie Taymor has directed this West End show that at the 1995 Oscars went on to win multiple awards including the one for the Best Music: Original Score and Sir Elton John and Tim Rices Can You Feel the Love Tonight got it the Best Music: Original Award. The stage adaptation of the piece won it six Tony Awards and eight nominations for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards. The musical transforms the stage of the Lyceum Theatre London into the African Savanah where lions, giraffes, birds, zebras and hyenas are venturing around and even features the stampede of wildebeests!

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