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Kids PS3 3D Video Game

Most of the newer TV's have 3D capabilities that allow gaming to go to a whole new level. While videos may of use to be something that kids or young Teenage boys did, the whole family is getting into gaming.

While some put a bad rap on playing video games in moderation I really see a lot of potential. It is something that kids and parents can spend quality time during a home without a lot of pre-planning. The new 3D imaging allows for whole new types of family games that may have not been as entertaining as before.

Epic Mickey: The Power Of 2

My Kids Favorite

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

This is defiantly a favorite among the new PS3 3D games for kids. A video game about the classic and beloved Disney stories with twists and turns that kids will love. I bought the game for my eight year old and was a little afraid it would be to kiddish for him, but he ended up loving it. While there are a few games in the game that was not his favorite because he thought they was a little to young for him, he loved the game and plays it all the time.

My five year old and my ten year old son also play Epic Mickey in 3D and love the features compared to the regular screen. They first played in regular mode but was most enthused with how they moved through the story games when the 3D was in full effect playing on a large screen HD TV.

Sonic Generations

A Fun 3D Experience

Sonic Generations

My kids have played Sonic video games since they learned to push the controllers. We ended up with this game before we had a HD TV that was 3D compatible. All my kids liked the game but only my five year old really got into it before we could see the 3D effects.

When we played with out new TV with the glasses all the kids was impressed including many of the older neighbor kids. While the game can really support it self among Sonic lovers, the graphics really bring it to life and make the game enjoyable that prefer other types of action games.

I really liked the idea that you could choose between which Sonic versions you wanted, because I really liked the classic Sonics. But truth is the modern sonic just plays a lot better and gives better edge to the game. So while the kids did have a little fun playing the classic sonic, they typically and almost always pick to play the modern Sonic.

3D Sports Champions 2

Perfect For Family Game Night

Sports Champions 2

We have a Wii hooked up the kids TV that we typically use for the more sports related games due to not wanting to invest in different controllers. The kids actually got to play the PS3 3D Sports Champion 2 game at a friends house. I am now convinced that I should buy some of the remotes so to play some of the more physical games on the PS3 as well.

The kids favorite to play was skiing, archery and boxing. Since up to four players was able to play at a time, this would be fun to play as a family or to set up for kids to play at a family gathering.

At first the 3D effects on the game seemed a little mundane when bowling. Maybe it was more a did this done this feeling. However, when playing boxing and skiing players really got into what they where doing. I think the fun 3D technology had a lot to do with that.

Batman: Arkham City

Cheap PS3 3D Game For Kids

Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Greatest Hits

This version of batman has been around for a few years but it can be found fairly cheap and is very fun to play for kids. Kids will fill as they are in the game themselves. Play as Batman or later in the game you can play as the ever known Joker running through the streets.

My kids love to play the game and really enjoyed the 3D effects. They love Batman so I was not surprised. The graphics is probably not the best I have seen for 3D for for fans it is a win win.

My five year old did have a little problem learning some of the game and did get frustrated a few times, but eventually learned enough to be confident with the game playing along with the story line. My older kids that have been around video game for a while and new the ins and outs was very comfortable with the screen directions and had no difficulties completing the game.

Captain America: Super Soldier

Great Graphics

Captain America: Super Soldier

I found this game to be very similar to the Batman video game mentioned above. You use many of the same features and end up doing very alike moves. The game it self was worth playing but without great graphics I think this one probably would have not been played as much as it was.

The 3D feel in the game felt real and alive chapter by chapter. It was fun watching the kids jumping, kicking and punching as they went through the levels to complete the storyline.

Before the movie my kids had never heard much about Captain America expect that he is sub-characters on a few of the cartoons they have watched. So they was not huge fans of Capetian America, but if someone was this would probably of been a better game wise for them.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Not My Favorite For 3D But is Still A Good Game

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

Ratchet and Clank is an 'e' rated game so it can be enjoyed by everyone. Even adults can get into the game while playing with the kids. I love that while it is action packed for the boys a lot of the violence most of the similar video games is avoided.

The big con to this game is while it can be played with up to four people, the game itself changes when there is more then one gamer. The one player in my kids opinion is a lot better then the group way, even though groups can still have fun with it.

While I mentioned the game itself was a big hit, but if you are looking for a cool PS3 3D kids video game to show off your new 3D capable TV you will probably be disappointed with it. The best part of the 3D graphics was during gliding levels, where the cool technology and graphics makes the gamer feel as though they are speeding through the game themselves. However these parts was far and few between, and the other 3D graphics throughout the game really did not do much to improve the game itself.

3D Glasses For The Family

The TV only came with four 3D Glasses. While you typically only have four players you really do not get the full effect watching others play unless you have the glasses on yourself. While the special glasses are hard to find under 's in retail stores, many manufactures sell bulk packages for the same price as buying one at online stores such as Amazon.

The How To's Of 3D Gaming

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